EnduroSat One Mission

Mission Overview

The Space Challenges program and EnduroSat are collaborating with the Bulgarian Federation of Radioamateurs (BFRA) for the first Bulgarian Radio Amateur CubeSat mission named EnduroSat One.

The project will include launching of 1U CubeSat from ISS (International Space Station) with goals to foster Amateur Radio’s participation in space research and communication in Bulgaria, to teach the participants in Space Challenges Program and hundreds of students from diverse Bulgarian universities (Sofia University, Technical University РSofia, Tech university РPlovdiv and others) in practical satellite communication and to increase the popularity of BFRA among young people henceforth to enrich the Radio Amateur community in Bulgaria.

Mission Objectives



The satellite will have CW beacon which will transmit its own call sign using Morse code and telemetry beacon using AX.25 in datagram-mode. The radio amateurs will be able to listen to the satellite beacon and to receive telemetry data from the satellite on a regular basis. Every radio amateur will be able to connect to the satellite and receive more detailed telemetry information and get a confirmation from the satellite for every established connection which will serve as QSL card.

A webpage is currently being designed as part of Space Challenges web portal / https://spaceedu.net/endurosat-one where all the information and instructions required to connect with the satellite will be published as well as online database where all users will be able to upload the data they receive directly from the satellite. A competition will be held, a log file with all the successful communications will be published and the call sign with the most uploaded telemetry data will be announced by the satellite through its beacon.

BFRA will guide the students to experience their first space mission by connecting with the CubeSat once in orbit. They will learn satellite communication by practicing.

Educational Material

During the mission, Space Challenges team will record educational video materials and will publish them online in English and Bulgarian, demonstrating satellite communication techniques and increasing the popularity of the Radio amateur society in the region. This will be made possible by Spaceport online educational platform. Spaceport is the biggest online platform for space education in Europe https://spaceport.academy and the developed materials during EnduroSat One mission will guarantee maximum project exposure to young people.

Since, this is the first ever Bulgarian radio amateur CubeSat mission, it will undoubtedly create good practices in correct registration and launch preparation processes for future educational and radio-amateur CubeSat programs on local (Bulgarian) level. Those good practices will be shared also on the educational platform of Space Challenges and provided to interested students and radio-amateurs, with permission from the given organizations (including IARU).

Launch Plan


EnduroSat One will be embarked on the cargo resupply mission SpaceX CRS-14 to the International Space Station manifested to be launched on February 2018 from Cape Canaveral SLC-40 launch base in Florida, USA.

Coming soon:

  • Information and instructions required to connect with the satellite
  • Log file with all successful communications
  • Competition page with the rank of call signs with the most uploaded telemetry data
  • Educational video materials
  • A dedicated web page


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